You hear about them all the time, but perhaps you haven’t been able to figure out what they are. The Libertarians. On our second episode, we go into a deep conversation about the political beliefs of a Libertarian living in 2020.

This interview was performed using Zoom.

Tyler Joseph Ballard ran for a seat in the House of Representatives in Vermont as an Independent. Although the seat was ultimately given to his Republican opponent, the fact that he garnered 1/3 of the vote says something about this often ignored party.

  • Expect discussion about:
  • Tyler Joseph’s political experience
  • The current political climate
  • Finding ‘the middle’
  • Government involvement in private life
  • Handling of pandemic procedures
  • And a TON more

Tyler didn’t ask us to link any of his online media, but a quick Google search brings up all kinds of fun information about him.