You’ve been asking for a politics talk, so now we’re delivering 3 hours of it! Robbie Hugland is a Burkean Anarchist, which PROBABLY isn’t what you think it is. Scott has described himself as a radically centric libertarian, and in this podcast, we explore every detail of what this means.

This is a fascinating chat about everything that’s wrong with the ongoing political debate in our country. We cover a ton of topics from minimum wage to race, social media debates, the illusion of choice, taxes, covid (obviously), and even plastic in the ocean.

We’re really proud of this talk and dare I say, you will probably agree with us. We cover EVERY NO: Race, religion, and politics.

Open your mind and enjoy a level-headed talk about where we are and where we need to go.

What is Burkean Anarchy? Find out here:…

Find Robbie on Instagram: @hugland