Scott talks over Joe Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Increase, his Investing In Our Communities Through Housing Act, and the ridiculous Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Exhibition Boxing Match.

There’s so much to cover that I needed to record this podcast and get my opinions out to the world. I’ll go over why the Capital Gains Tax Increase will just result in more Wall Street and Investment Fraud and insider trading, and I point out the reasons and the numbers.

The Investing in Our Communities Through Housing Act is a good thought and has good intentions but the money is going entirely to the wrong places! This act is almost a guarantee to increase housing costs nationwide, and I’ll explain where it would be better spent.

And on a lighter note, Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul?! I know we all want to see Logan Paul get punched in the face but is this something you should really be spending money on? By buying into this fight, you’re just putting money in both of their pockets, and do you really even want to do that?

Join me as I rant on about the 3 things bothering me at this moment in time. Enjoy!