I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I’ve got some THOUGHTS!

Our first subject covers a couple of subjects, from Government Contracts driving up Hotel rates in an otherwise dumpy town to over $300 a night, rendering them unaffordable for actual Americans. This ties into another subject about how the USPS is actually LEASING 75% of its offices! Crazy!

We also talk about how ‘petty’ crime is going pretty much unpunished in Los Angeles, allowing thieves to blatantly walk out of a Ross with a ton of merch, unquestioned while being recorded. What does this mean for crime enforcement in the future? Based on historical records, nothing good.

Governor Newsom is trying his hardest to save California (but mostly himself) by introducing a ton of policies that just don’t ultimately make sense. Masks are back in LA, people aren’t paying rent or their electricity bills, and then the government is picking up the tab. AKA YOU are picking up the tab.

Finally, we talk about the latest Disney film, Black Widow, and it’s lackluster opening weekend box-office. Disney decided to also release it on Disney+ at the same time, as a $30 upcharge. Did this prevent people from going to the theater? Did it prevent fans from watching in the theater and THEN downloading it for $30? I’m not sure releasing movies at home at the same time as their theater release is the best idea, but we’ll see.