It’s time for another round of SCOTTS THOUGHTS! Our first topic is taking a deep dive into the Coronavirus information we have out there and why the Delta Variant MAY not be the doom and gloom it’s being hyped up to be. Based on the CDC’s numbers, it looks like at least 2/3 of us have already had Coronavirus! Check out the video for more. About 6 years ago, Homelessness in Los Angeles was effectively legalized, providing tents on sidewalks with homesteader rights. This prevented the police from cleaning up these growing camps. New news out of the mayor’s office indicates that we may be trying to solve this out-of-control situation! A lot of people ask why I link to news articles from relatively unkown sources, and I just wanted to let you know why. So much news lately seems to be geared toward having the reader click the almightly like button, and I think it’s had an effect on the quality of what were reading. That, and the line between news and opinion has gotten blurrier and blurrier.