Our guest this week is serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Blooprinted. Blooprinted is all about connecting mentors and mentees to give them a detailed blueprint on how to accomplish any given task. This is the next evolution of the ‘masterclass’ – with built in accountability and support from the creator.

2:50 – One of my favorite things about C-Roc is that he’s humble yet eccentric, which is a tough thing to pull off these days, especially in the online world. He explains how he navigates this odd world.

4:20 – We have critics all around us, our coworkers, friends, and even family are always the biggest ‘what-iffers’ when trying to start a new idea. The truth is, that you are your own biggest critic. Overcoming this step is one of the most important things you’ll do in your life. “All people are unstoppable at living their dreams.”

7:20 – C-Roc talks about the process of “10xing” your goals. Instead of backing off and compromising like most people do, you should be doubling your goals. Then quadrupling. Then going for the 10x.

13:50 – What does it take to COMMIT to success over failure?

17:40 – With so much going on, how do you prioritize what to fully commit to?

18:35 – C-Roc talks about how Blooprinted works, and how it enables creators / architects to create their business while benefiting from a community of other creators to help and support them along the way.

24:40 – C-Roc has a different concept of team. What does that mean to him? What should a team be instead of our current concepts? Here’s a hint, it’s not a competition. We should be working together to achieve success for everyone.

28:55 – What is next after Blooprinted? Serial Entrepreneurs always have a next plan, and a plan after that. What’s yours?

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