This week our guest is Transformational Leadership Coach Nicole Jansen. With her company Leaders of Transformation, she helps people do just that, transform in even better leaders and better version fo themselves. This podcast is going to focus on self improvement, leadership strategies, and how one becomes a “coach!” No ‘edgy’ politics this time. However, after listening to today’s episode, you’ll have a good feel for what a top notch coach can do for aspiring leaders. 

8:00 – How do we get over the failures of our teenage years and our 20’s? Most of us have had some kind of devastating thing happen to us whether it be getting fired, not being able to pay rent or something else. Those experiences shape us when we get older in life, but how can we make those a positive in order to create a better life experience?

18:00 – Are we facing a leadership crisis? It seems that more and more leaders aren’t seeking to lead, they are trying to win. They have their own agenda to further themselves instead of whatever goal they originally set out with. What do you think caused it and what can fix it? It may surprise you to know that polls are meant to divide us, by the way. You may feel some unity in identifying with the ‘majority’ in the poll, but really, it’s meant to plant the seed of another idea in your head, that maybe you’re wrong, that maybe you don’t agree with your neighbor or community.

31:30 – Our parents grew up in a transformative period and it resulted in many of us perhaps being taken care of a little more than we should have been. Is this creating a scenario where there is no real leadership being taught?

43:25 – Have you ever noticed that ‘new’ ideas on how to better ourselves are just ideas that have been pushed from basically all religious institutes since the beginning of time? Is meditation really that much different than prayer? Why do we think we need to reinvent the wheel all the time?

54:30 – I have the world’s longest patience fuse but when I blow, I don’t handle it very well. How do you not just explode at people you are working with that just aren’t getting it? How do you gracefully get past your breaking point?

1:02:50 – The best thing you can do in a heated argument is to breathe and bring yourself out of the situation. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about people expressing their opinions. Don’t ruin a friendship or a business relationship over something trivial!

1:14:45 ​- What can leaders do to regain trust that they’ve previously lost? In a day and age where leaders try to change the subject and deny the past instead of owning up to their mistake, are we past the point of no return with leaders rebuilding their integrity

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