Today we are talking to Diane Halfman!!! Diane’s background, as an undercover police officer, provided her with a unique set of skills to offer leadership training in the business world. We have a great chat about her background, some stories from the undercover world, and how this all relates to being a successful leader today. Don’t miss the part where she talks about going undercover as a prostitute to catch a serial killer!!!

3:45 – How did you get approached for undercover work? Were you asked to do it or was it something you always wanted to do? In answering this, we learn about why her department needed the undercover position filled, and what benefits it brought to the community.

7:00 – How does arresting people for ‘victimless crimes’ actually help the community? There are several beliefs out there about what needs to be policed more, and what needs to be policed less! Diane offers a unique inside perspective that you may not have thought about yet.

15:00 – We share some honest and fact-based opinions on the handling of the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States. I’m not going to write out any more than that because of the current climate on social media. Watch for more details!

25:00 – It has to be tough to be a CEO these days, because pretty much any decision you make – regarding the mandates will annoy approximately half of your workforce. How do you, as a leader, overcome that challenge and satisfy your entire workforce?

34:00 – How is situational awareness a benefit to keep yourself out of trouble and how does that help you when leading a business? Is there a lack of situational awareness in todays culture, and especially leadership culture?

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