This week’s guest is Brad Weimert, pioneer of payment portal Easy Pay Direct. He created the company to be a payment portal for all companies, as the larger ones like Stripe and PayPal continue to increase their fees, and decrease the type of businesses they’re willing to work with.

2:23 – Brad talks about the history of his company, why he feels like this is a necessary service for small businesses and the background of where the larger companies like Stripe and PayPal started going wrong.

13:24 – How much do companies like PayPal charge companies to use their services? Is what they say they charge actually what they charge, or are there hidden fees?

20:00 – Brad talks about the growth of EasyPayDirect and how it went from a handful of customers to a fully functioning company. We also discuss the risks of working with certain companies and how they found ways to mitigate this risk in a way that’s fair to them and their customers.

24:00 – We discuss the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it can make or break an online based company these days. SEO must be considered if you want your company to be around for more than 2 years and you need to start working on it on Day 1.

27:50 – In regards to SEO, how did your company manage to find its way to the top of its search engines when the subject itself is not very searchable? Who is actually looking up Payment Portals? What is the secret to making literally anything get to the top of search engines?

31:20 – Brad ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) Trail, which is an extremely long trail with significant elevation gain and loss. Why do you do these types of challenges and what do they provide for you?

34:55 – What are the stats of running the Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim? Were there any exciting stories on the way? (Spoiler, he broke a bone part-way in and continued anyway)

41:31 – The mind is stronger than the body…this is something you can learn on these extreme adventures. How does this relate to business life and success? So many people fail at their dreams because they don’t THINK they can do it but as they keep trying, many often find success.

45:50 – What is in store for the future of your Podcasts, your Businesses, and your Extreme Adventures? Do you have them planned out already or do you just go with the flow? Check Brad out at

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