Today, we’re talking to Paul Xavier, who is an online product creator who made his first million dollars before he turned 30. We’re both part of a great group called Go-Bundance and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to learn about Paul’s somewhat unique rise to success in the online world. Check Out Paul’s Website: Get in touch with Paul: [email protected] 1:42: What does ‘build cool products’ mean to you?

3:30 – What happened in your youth that launched this entrepreneurial attitude? Paul discusses the simple way he found success early on, and the simple secret is that anybody can do it with some simple steps.

9:25 – Talk about the mentality shift going from a government contract worker to a freelance worker. What about the hustle changed?

15:10 – Can you walk us through a successful implementation of creating an online income? How does the creation of a sales process work? Paul walks us through an example using Scott’s coaching platform.

20:00 – How do you know you’re working with a trustworthy online assistant? There are SO many people out there that don’t fulfill their promises, so how do you know you’re picking the right one?

28:00 – How do you solve situations for parts of the job you don’t like doing? Like if you LOVE creating content but hate selling it, how do you find the right fit for that position?

35:00 – How do you build a team of people to push a product? Do you like short term help or long term help? How many clients do you like to work with?

44:35 – You mentioned earlier that you had a speech coach earlier in life, do you think that experience ‘set the table’ for going after your goals at an early age and helped you find success quicker than most people?

47:55 – You’re crushing it now and I have no doubt you’ll do better and better, but were there any failures along the way? Things you wished you could have done better?

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