Our guest with On The Edge Podcast today is Adam Stock. Adam is a Certified Financial Planner and runs his company The Next Level Planning Group. In one of the best conversations we’ve ever had on the Podcast, we cover a wide range of subjects from personality checks, financial checks, and trading checks, to annual planning and making the right decisions for your future. I urge anybody who is looking to make some changes in their life to give this one a serious listen.

4:00 – Why is it important to be interested instead of interesting? So many people just love talking about themselves in a conversation, but something that might get you ahead in life is to be the one listening, asking questions, and learning about the people around you.

9:10 – As far as investing, is it better to be constantly trading or to sit on a portfolio and let it play out in the long term? Is there a pro or con to either strategy?

16:25 – What is inflation and why does it matter? Does it make a difference in your investments? How has the printing of money throughout the pandemic affected inflation rates in the last year?

29:40 – Savings are up in the United States, which is great! Do you think it’s going to stay that way or is spending about to start up again now that we seem to be headed back into a process of normalization in the USA?

34:40 – You may be a very intelligent individual, but don’t try to outsmart the market.

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