Today we’re talking to Adam Jason, who moved from the USA to Colombia to run a Coffee startup. He’s doing really well with his business and he’s here to talk about the changes he encountered moving his business from the USA to another Country. His company finds investors in the USA to contribute to his business in Colombia. How well is he doing, does he recommend it? Let’s find out!

4:25 – What does ‘Private Equity’ mean? What about ‘Venture Capital?’ What does that mean, and why is it beneficial for US dollars to be invested in Colombia?

7:00 – It seems like it’s easier to get in on an emerging or even dominant market in Colombia for far less money than attempting to do the same thing in the USA. Is it really that simple or are there hurdles that somebody in the USA may not have thought of?

9:35 – What’s the risk of losing everything in this kind of investment? What can go wrong?

12:50 – Is it hard to negotiate business as an obvious outsider to the country?

16:00 – The USA Stock Market is riding an all-time high valuation. Are your investors people that are interested in getting in at the ground level in another country?

21:45 – Are your investors accredited in the USA?

25:20 – What does it look like staffing a farm in Colombia? What does hiring look like for you? What are the ‘boots on the ground’ dynamics?

30:17 – What does the social and government structure look like in Colombia? What are the economics of that Country?

32:20 – What are some other industries do you think are ripe for investment in South America?

36:30 – How much did “The 2020 situation” accelerate globalization in investments?

38:50 – What allowed you to see a future moving to another Country and investing there? So many people in the USA rely on getting and keeping that corporate job, what made you move away?

41:47 – You mentioned that the minimum wage down there is US$250 per month, what does that mean for the cost of living? Do you save money on your day-to-day life by living in Colombia?

48:00 – Many USA residents immediately think of the drug traffic market in Colombia. Have you noticed that industry creating a problem for you? Is it still affecting the economy there? How does it play a role?

51:30 – What’s next for your company? Do you plan to diversify outside of the coffee industry?

58:10 – You mentioned “Vertical Integration.” What does that mean?

1:04:05 – Does being an English-first speaker hold you back from doing business in a primarily Spanish country?

1:07:40 – What are you looking forward to in 2022?

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