Joining us today is Fred Joyal, author of new book Superbold, a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Lifespan Development. Fred developed the company 1-800-DENTIST, which was a $30B business over its lifetime. Today we’ll learn about what he discusses in the book which details how to thrive by being bold. If you’re naturally shy or passive, this is the podcast for you! We’re excited to have him here on the podcast!

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2:40 – Why do shy people miss out on opportunities? How do you even know if you’re shy?

6:42 – Can you explain your methods vs reading other self help books? Why is yours different? The book is founded on ‘The 5 Words’ PRIDE Method which is: Preparation, Relaxing, Insights, Dosage, and Everyday action. Prepare what you’re gonna say. Learn how to relax in stressful situations. Can’t give it all away here though, you need to read the book!

11:20 – The power of 3 deep breaths

14:00 – Making changes to be a more bold person. Fred explains some examples of what Bold people do, and what you can do to start embracing your inner-boldness.

20:37 – If you want to get better at something, do it every day.

23:55 – What’s a good exercise for a super shy person to practice every day?

30:00 – Scott tells a story about when he was bold in his 20’s.

33:30 – People are impressed with people that are have confidence. Being shy just makes you fade into the background.

34:40 – Why are you writing this book now? You’ve been an expert for several decades, why the timing for the book?

42:00 – Do you have some examples of what you think you may have missed out on before you became bold? And is there an opportunity you’re proud of that you got after becoming bold?

39:15 – We all know that person who’s bold but inauthentic. Others are bold but never really ask for a favor to be returned. Can you discuss the different levels of being bold and how to be your authentic self at the same time?

58:00 – Knowing that you’re bold now, what are some goals you have for the future?

1:01:30 – Boldness for parents and children may be the next evolution of the Superbold movement. What are some reasons for this?

1:04:25 – What is your favorite movie and why?

1:06:00 – How to make anybody you meet feel like the most important person ever.

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