Today we’re here with Matt Hermann, who is a Radiologist, worked in the largest “walled” prison in the USA, rode his bike across the USA, and is currently getting ready to move to Puerto Rico. You might say he’s the most interesting man in the world. Let’s dig in!

2:00 – Matt worked in the hospital at the Largest Walled Prison in the USA, which is in Michigan. What did you see working in that environment?

5:00 – How old were you when you worked in the prison hospital, and why did you take the job?

7:30 – Do you have more sympathy for prisoners since you have first-hand experience working with them?

16:40 – What is the “Opioid Crisis?” In my understanding, it’s an addiction to medication but not hardcore drugs, but how does it happen and what are we doing about it as a nation? In the 90’s we were supposed to like opioids, what happened?

26:50 – We seem to go back and forward on whether or not the pharmaceutical companies are good or evil. They’re getting sued all the time. What is your opinion on what they’re doing?

31:15 – Scott discusses some of his own health problems and how pharmaceuticals will most likely allow him to live longer.

35:30 – People don’t realize we are living in the future, and that is to the detriment of many people’s health. Do you see this as a major problem?

39:10 – On the vein of us living in the future, Scott discusses some alarming priority issues that exist in his family.

41:50 – Americans seem to be getting more and more complacent and are not even realizing it. Inflation is out of control, our world footprint is shrinking, our government can’t maintain a budget. Meanwhile, China has a 100 year plan and a ton more experience than we do. Do you think our citizens are ready to not be in the same worldwide position we’ve been in in the near future?

49:45 – I understand the “why” of crypto, but I don’t understand the “how” or “where.” Can you shed some light on this?

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