Today we’re talking to Steven Dossou, a Youth Advocate who has spent his life traveling the world and spreading positivity. With everything going on in the world, I’m super excited to interview somebody who’s life work is making other peoples lives better!

1:20 – What is your origin story? How did you your life get you to play the role that you play today? We discuss how Steven moved from a place where the average income is $50 per month to begin his journey around the world.

10:20 – You mentioned growing up in a house with 9 siblings, and used words like ‘dreams’ and ‘hope’ which is somewhat unusual for somebody in that kind of position in a family with such a low income. What was unique about your upbringing that filled you with optimism?

13:30 – How old were you when you walked from Togo to South Africa? Did you run into any issues?

16:20 – “Opportunities never go away, they just transfer to other people.” What opportunities have come your way between your first job and where you are today?

21:15 – How does motivating those around you actually become your job? How do you evolve from ‘really good manager’ to motivational speaker and world traveler?

24:35 – You keep saying “faith and hard work,” and I’m honestly seeing less and less of that in today’s growing society especially here in the United States. What do you see in your experience in the rest of the world?

33:30 – Social Media is a HUGE part of our lives today, I get business from it, you get business from it, but in some ways it may be making people think that they can magically become something they can’t. You mention ‘fear, self doubt, and self esteem,’ do you see Social Media playing into those negativities in young people today?

38:55 – What are you excited about going into 2022?

40:58 – What’s your favorite movie and why?

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