Our first in-person guest in what seems like forever is Jedidiah Wallace, owner of Wallace Keystone Consulting group. Jed is an Air Force Veteran who worked in logistics and now runs a company that helps companies thrive through logistics. It’s an awesome conversation about evolving companies to perform their best!

2:00 – How do you become somebody who finds inefficiencies with the military and get paid for it?

4:30 – What exactly did you do for the Air Force?

12:45 – How did we end up “losing” the war in Afghanistan considering our air superiority? It seems like we had to try to lose. What happened?

17:10 – What were some interesting things you found during training that were different from real life situations?

19:20 – Soldiers today are actually able to pilot a drone remotely, close to their homes. They can actively engage in combat and still be home for dinner with their families. What has this done for the psychology of the soldiers?

22:50 – After spending 8 years in the military, you decided to leave. You enjoyed it and made a bunch of money, what compelled you to leave instead of staying?

27:00 – What does ‘going from E3 to E4 to E5’ mean in the military? What does that all stand for?

29:50 – Can you talk about some examples of our Military’s excellent logistics capabilities?

35:35 – How does your experience in logistics with the military help you to create the successful company you run today?

38:20 – How do people come to the realization that they need to contact you for your help in their company, and how do they even find out that somebody like you exists?

45:30 – Tell us about your journey actually creating your business after leaving the military. How did it come to fruition that you’re an expert at what you do and other people need your help?

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