We’re back with Jedidiah Wallace, owner of Wallace Keystone Consulting group. Jed is an Air Force Veteran who worked in logistics and now runs a company that helps companies thrive through logistics. It’s an awesome conversation about evolving companies to perform their best!

00:10 – Jed goes over the secrets of building a successful business. There are a few of them but they all exist and are very intentional. A business needs to know what these are in order to succeed and some figure it out on their own and some don’t.

6:15 – How do you get people from marketing to actually making a sale? Some people are really good at marketing but fail when it comes to turning your marketing into a sale. How do you trick people into actually turning it into a sale?

11:30 – Some people are good at marketing but many miss sales because they’re not good at re-marketing. How do you make a re-marketing strategy?

17:00 – Give us some examples of real life businesses that you helped take it to the next level. Show off a little bit!

20:35 – What is something you’re looking forward to in 2022 with your business? What’s the next growth?

23:45 – In the mortgage business, I see people getting to a certain level of productivity, but they reach a point where they don’t allow other people to take over the more mundane tasks. How do you get people to let go of those parts of control and give them to other employees?

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