Today with On The Edge Podcast, we’re excited to talk to Author Suzanne Yatim Aslam. She’s here to talk about her book ‘ Post Pardon Me.” The book is about a woman’s spiral into post-pardon depression and anxiety and how she found her way out of it. We’ll get into the book and a whole bunch of other stuff so stick around for this great interview!

1:20 – Suzanne introduces herself and her background. Suzanne is a first generation American who’s parents came from the Bethlehem area.

6:40 – How does one go from escaping the Upper Peninsula to becoming Miss Arab USA?

9:00 – Let’s talk about Human Rights. I get the impression that sometimes the USA is taking the definition of ‘human rights’ a little too far, which devalues the meaning of actual human rights worldwide. What do you think?

12:55 – Scott talks about a trip he took to Palestine and Israel, one of the best and most informative trips he took in his life. Suzanne and Scott discuss religion and politics in the Middle East.

21:00 – Where did the idea for your book come from? Was it easy to make the decision to have children? Why did you decide to move forward with having kids instead of not having them, especially if you weren’t confident about the decision?

24:00 – It’s a lonely world after having a child and finding out that the whole situation is just super depressing. There’s this inner guilt that you’re supposed to be happy about the situation but for a lot of people it just isn’t.

31:10 – Before Scott had kids, one of his friends gave him some great advice about the first few years of being a father. The truth is, it sucks most of the time. It seems like men seem to have this ‘bro talk’ with each other, but women don’t. Do you think that’s true and why do women do this to each other?

35:00 – What was it like tackling the first emotions of having a child? Again, while the world says that everyone is supposed to just be super happy, that’s not the reality for many parents. Dads worry about providing, moms worry about losing their entire work and social life. Traditional roles vs different solutions become a problem. How long does this last and how do you get over it?

41:30 – It takes a village to raise a kid. Is this really true? Did you experience this in your life?

49:00 – Nobody says the truth about parenting when they’re going through the hard part. The truth is, many of us have the thought ‘I don’t like my kid.” You’re not supposed to say you don’t like your kid. This was part of the inspiration for Suzanne’s book, allowing parents to see that in print and know that they’re not the only ones having the thought.

55:20 – We discuss the power of communication and couples asking each other exactly what they need and want.

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