Today with On The Edge Podcast, we’re talking with Matt Epenshade who has his own podcast called the Cut And Splice Podcast. Matt is a cinematographer, and for the most part, we’re gonna be talking about movies today. If you’re interested in movies, then this is the podcast for you! HEADS UP: I’m not sure what happened here, but the audio on this podcast is NOT GREAT. It’s a great conversation though so I still wanted to get this out there for you all to hear.

1:00 – We start off with some political talk about the movie industry. The industry historically leans left, but lately it seems like it’s maneuvered itself to more far left and less liberal.

5:00 – What does ‘below the line’ and ‘above the line’ mean in the movie industry?

7:00 – What does a cinematographer do?

11:00 – Scott and Matt discuss their favorite movies.

16:00 – Scott talks about why he never trusts the academy because Shakespeare in Love beat a much, much better movie, Saving Private Ryan. Because of this, Scott has avoided watching other Oscar winning movies because of their poor taste.

21:00 – A discussion about War Movie “Come And See”

34:00 – One of Matt’s must-watch movies is Dark City. It turns out that The Matrix is basically a rip-off of Dark City, down to even using some of the same set pieces.

36:20 – Why do people love the movies so much?

39:00 – A discussion about The Cohen Brothers.

41:00 – Movies are created to entertain, however some movies seem to exist to disturb people. The creators of these movies must know that they will never be a cinema blockbuster, so why are they made?

46:40 – A discussion about Libertarianism in the movie world. How do movies represent Libertarian values. Matt discusses that ‘the best libertarian movies are movies that are accidentally libertarian.’

56:30 – A discussion about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and outcome, and more importantly, the American people’s opinions about the whole situation that are largely misinformed.

1:03:50 – Scott discusses how he got his DUI. The story of what happened and manipulation that he experienced during the trial very well may be why he is a libertarian and not a republican.

1:10:00 – The discussion continues about falsely accused people and how there is an inherent bias in our justice system. There is a book called “Three Felonies A Day” which in short, is about how every American on average commits well, three felonies a day.

1:25:00 – Some people are still in jail for marijuana crimes in states where marijuana is perfectly legal. This is just another example of how our justice system is overblown and how our country has a love relationship with locking people up.

1:31:20 – Free Solo was a great movie that make your palms sweat the entire time. Scott and Matt discuss other movies that make your palms sweat!

1:33:35 – Best and worst Star Trek movies.

1:40:00 – What is the worst movie that you love?

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