Hello Friends! Today with On The Edge Podcast we’re talking to Justin Skinner, who works in commercial real estate as well as short-term residential, but more importantly is the Author of “Professional Failure.” We’ll cover some politics, health news, real estate chat, and growing pains of owning a business. Come join us!

1:00 – We start the chat off by talking about Starlink. I’ve put money into it but have no idea what it is.

4:00 – What does rural life look like living with the unspecified virus of YouTube demonetization if mentioned? Are people following the same safety protocol?

7:00 – let’s talk about your journey into the commercial real estate world. How is it different than residential real estate? Is it harder, or actually easier? What did the journey look like for you?

11:00 – How much of your work is actually helping a client acquire a property versus being their business advisor and psychologist for what they actually need?

12:15 – What is a triple net lease?

14:40 – Why don’t companies get into the real estate game? Why do huge companies like Dollar General and Starbucks lease instead of owning their land? McDonalds seems to do really well with that business plan.

16:40 – What does a big commercial deal look like? Why would it take over a year for you to get paid on it?

19:45 – You mentioned ‘Don’t fall in love with the property, fall in love with the opportunity,” what do you mean by that? Seems like almost the opposite of how buyers work in the residential real estate market.

21:50 – What does financing look like when you purchase a commercial building?

24:30 – Your book is called “Professional Failure,” let’s talk about some of your business failures and what inspired the book.

26:30 – Let’s talk about one of the lessons you provide in your book “Professional Failure.”

30:10 – You own some residential properties in medium-market areas instead of tourist areas. How did you decide to go with that market instead of cashing in on potentially big-dollar markets?

33:45 – Has the short to medium-term rental market provided you any benefits, like financial freedom?

36:00 – Anything you’re looking forward to in 2022?

38:30 – Tell us something interesting about you outside of business.




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