Today with the On The Edge Podcast, we’re talking to Rob Coldwell, one of my GoBundance friends who owns a company called Rent Well, which is all about property management. He’s evolved it to a fully integrated business and has opened up an investment wing of their own. Today we’ll be discussing the process of growing a business and the pros and cons of vertical integration. We also talk about addiction and how it affects a person working in a successful business. WARNING: Discussions including suicide, addiction, and death occur during this conversation.

2:00 – What is a good property management company and what are you doing to run a good scaleable company?

9:00 – You mentioned that you have 4 different offices and it’s labor intensive. Where is this labor involved, is it with inspections, or actually fixing things?

14:50 – What does vertical integration mean, and why does it matter? How does it matter in a property management company?

23:40 – Where are you currently operating?

24:00 – Give us an example of something that was exciting to accomplish, one of the benefits of being directly involved with the clients

30:30 – What are some negative things that you have had to deal with, in the same regard.

38:30 – How many people are on your team?

39:30 – We discuss addiction and how Rob decided to join a program to help him escape that situation.

53:50 – You mentioned that success can mask a lot of problems people may have, which include addiction. Popular media has led us to believe that the only addicts out there are low-lifes, or people with no jobs. It’s fascinating to hear a story about a successful addict, do you have other stories about this?

1:04:30 – What are some takeaways you have from the book “The Untethered Soul?”

1:13:30 – This is an important story to hear because I feel that many of our listeners feel like the recovery process for you was easy because ‘you already made it’ or ‘because you’re rich,’ some kind of dismissive thought. Do you find trouble getting apathy from other people regarding the situation?

1:20:50 – How much has this journey helped you be more present with the challenges of raising children?

1:26:00 – Meditation and the GoGiver mentality.

1:34:30 – What’s your favorite movie and why?

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