Today with On The Edge Podcast we have Paul Sloate, founder of Green Drake Advisors. Paul coaches CEO’s and trademarked the term ‘The Accidental Economist.’ We’re excited to talk about bringing corporations to the next level and having a great economics chat. Check Paul out at

1:45 – What is the standard entrepreneur you see out there that you see succeeding? How do you find the clients you work with and how do they know they need you?

6:00 – What is a private equity deal? We discuss an example of a private equity deal and how it works for both the business owner and the investor. How do they make money? What are economies of scale?

10:00 – So family owned, vs private company or family business, which is the best to invest in and buy? How do you make the decision of which one to take over?

15:00 – From somebody on the outside of this world, we see it dramatized on TV in shows like “Billions.” What’s the real world like in this business?

25:10 – Would it be fair to say that in some companies, there is tension between the CEO and the board regarding investing in the future and maintaining income goals? Again the media makes us believe that there is constant tension, how does that all work? What is actually the CEO’s job?

31:15 – You said ‘inflation is not coming, inflation is here.’ What does that mean for growing companies? Is this where we see the beginnings of a recession? How have the government stimuluses affected the market and the economy?

38:30 – Scott discusses how even purchasing a car has changed a lot since last year. The dealerships have the advantage now, they are charging markups on normal cars and not including features that used to be standard. Is this because of inflation and the government stimulus?

42:00 – Where are smart people putting their money right now?

47:45 – What are some examples of ‘real assets’ as opposed to paper assets?

55:50 – What is your favorite movie and why?

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