Our guest today is Dane Espegard. Dane wrote the book The Dream Machine, which is a leadership guide to creating teams of high performers who achieve extraordinary outcomes. We’re gonna take a deep dive into creating the perfect business, and creating and keeping a winning team to run that business. This is a great podcast for our small business owner listeners. Let’s dive in!

3:00 – Why did you write The Dream Machine
4:50 – What is Cutco?
9:00 – What is Cutco’s business model?
14:00 – What’s the turnover/retention?
16:50 – Road to management
23:30 – How do you measure success?
26:40 – Business pivots during lockdowns?
31:45 – Cutco’s best year ever – 2020
34:50 – Do non-naturals “make it?”
39:30 – What led to your book “The Dream Machine?”
48:25 – What is a 22 year olds dream?
59:15 – Best dreams you’ve seen from others?
1:11:50 – Closing Questions