On this episode of On The Edge Podcast, we’re talking to Lester Lumbad, founder of the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Lester is building a community of Veteran Business Owners primarily in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. Join us to learn about providing community for our Military personnel.

Check out the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce: https://www.snvcc.org/

0:30 – Intro to Lester
3:40 – Benefits Vets don’t know about
9:30 – Family background in USA
15:00 – Challenges of being in a military family
19:35 – What does the Chamber of Commerce do?
23:20 – What % of businesses are veteran owned?
25:00 – What does the SBA offer?
26:30 – What’s the biggest challenge getting started?
28:00 – How do you advertise?
32:10 – What do veterans expect from you?
36:00 – Family life while growing the business
43:00 – How do you get funding for the chamber?
51:30 – Favorite movie