This is part two of our interview with hypnotist Dom. Join us as Scott overcomes one of his problems through hypnosis! A rare moment of vulnerability. Scott met Dom at Jiu-Jitsu and we thought this would be a great episode for the show. What is a hypnotist? Is it a scam? Let’s find out on today’s episode.

1:00 – Scott’s story and how it holds him back
3:45 – Scott begins his hypnosis session
24:00 – How has hypnosis become more accepted?
26:00 – Stage hypnosis vs clinical
32:05 – What’s next for you?
33:20 – “The grey zone”
47:00 – Jiu Jitsu
1:00:10 – The benefit of visualization
1:06:20 – How to market something misunderstood
1:18:10 – Favorite movie