Marc’s 401K got nailed twice, once in 1998 and again in 2001. Then his real estate investment got nailed by two hurricanes. He said ‘enough is enough!’ And decided to take things into his own hands…

We’ve got Marc Beshears with us today, Marc is the owner of Top Wealth Agenda. Marc and Top Wealth Agenda are specialists in ‘infinite banking’ and are wealth advisors that focus on banking on yourself. Marc comes to us from Florida, and we are excited to share some of his knowledge with you!

2:50 – Why Florida?
14:07 – Condo crash in Florida and Nevada
16:59 – What is banking on yourself
26:05 – Let’s talk numbers
35:40 – How the policy works
40:09 – Life insurance for your kids?
47:00 – Benefits of making it 7 years
59:20 – Getting in touch with Marc