Mike Eaton is a good friend of mine and we’re here with him for his second round at On The Edge Podcast!!! This will be a NSFW episode so, hide your kids and all that.

Mike is an up-and-coming comedian currently working the Austin Texas scene and WILL be a household name someday. I guarantee it. Today we talk about all things comedy, from the journey it takes to be one of the best to the crazy world of comedian life.

Mike has opened for some of the biggest comedians on the planet, has hosted countless comedy shows, and has an online special. We’re excited to share this interview and show you the ups and downs of his life. This is NOT a podcast to be missed!

Follow Mike on IG: mike.is.eaton

5:00 – Start
6:00 – You need to be personable, not just funny
15:00 – Are you mentally ok?
19:20 – What is Kill Tony?
37:30 – Harriet Tubman jokes
45:00 – A step too far
49:30 – Current events
1:04:00 – Unlikely people that Mike admires
1:16:30 – Del Friscos
1:25:00 – Comedy and shitty situations
1:29:00 – The word retarded
1:49:00 – We need comedy
2:00:00 – What’s your truth?

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