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Joining us today is Clay Martin, a friend of mine with an extensive military background. That’s right, it’s gonna be another Military chat, and I’m very excited for it! He now runs a self defense consulting business, and his goal right now is to prepare people for any unexpected situation you might experience in the future. Clay Martin is the author of a few books, Concrete Jungle and Prairie Fire.

In his own words: I consider myself primarily a father these days, but I have had a number of strange jobs over the years. I am a retired Green Beret, more specifically an 18F Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant, from 3rd Special Forces Group. Prior to that I was a Reconnaissance Marine and Scout Sniper in the USMC. In my years since retiring from that life, I have been a competitive shooter, contractor, firearms instructor, and general purpose hired gun.
When my first son was expected, I realized I need a change of careers. So I did what came naturally, and started writing for a digital magazine. As my exposure to other professional writers grew, many of whom had written books, I realized I had stories that needed telling. I wrote Last Son of the War God, my first novel, in 2017.

With the birth of my second son, my wife and I decided it was time to move out of the city. With two growing boys and a pack of wild dogs we call pets, we needed a change of pace. So we moved to a small town, downsizing our house but upsizing our land to a 5 acre plot. In my spare time, I pretend to homestead it.
My hobbies include changing dirty diapers, and trying to outrun a toddler while being 40. Other than that, I try to keep up on fitness, though with much humbler goals now that I don’t commando for a living. We plan on adding chickens and some smaller livestock soon, which should be an adventure in its own right.

I’ve travelled all over the world, though usually to places you wouldn’t want to go on vacation. Between my first career and an unexpected transition back to the real world, it has been interesting sometimes to the point of insanity. In the same year I once helped broker a deal for explosives importation from a former Soviet Bloc nation, lived in a fake Afghan village outside of Fort Bragg because I was to poor to get an apartment, and then immediately lived 6 months in a mansion in Aspen as head of a billionaires private security. Presently I am enjoying a slower pace of life, in the Pacific Northwest, the most beautiful place on Earth. My wife is teaching me to fly fish, and I am teaching her how to raise savages.

1:30 – Introductions
4:30 – Why are Green Berets special / unique
8:53 – Is there a movie that captures Green Beret’s accurately
12:50 – What is sniper training like?
20:00 – How can we help Ukraine
45:30 – How does military spending work
50:00 – Why should citizens be more prepared than they are now
1:08:30 – How do you convince neighbors to prepare?
1:11:20 – Ammo chat
1:18:30 – Preparing your home
1:26:30 – Crazy guy in Scotts neighborhood
1:32:30 – More base levels of preparedness
1:38:50 – What products do you offer

1:41:30 – How much do basic deterrents help

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