Joining us today is Mike Velez, a person whose life closely aligns to my own. Mike has been an entrepreneur his whole life, starting with magazines, and eventually going into Real Estate. Did I also mention that Mike is a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu? Yes, that’s right, this is going to be a GREAT conversation!

In Mike’s own words: With his entrepreneurial experience, creativity, fiduciary sense, and strategic mindset, Mike Velez brings a mark of excellence to his real estate career. Finding joy in building things that make an impact, he founded BLDG Realty to have a profound impact on clients and partners. Delivering outstanding service defined by his respect, kindness, and open mind, Mike strives to be the clear choice for local clients and fellow agents alike. He’s ranked in the top .5% of agents in Chino and Chino Hills and achieved 18 million in transaction volume in 2021 alone.

Mike’s first exposure to real estate came early in life, courtesy of his mother, who was an agent, and he was quickly attracted to the idea of buying and selling. He earned his real estate license just five months after his 18th birthday and immediately began handling half-million-dollar deals for a lender. He purchased his first property at age 23. Mike shifted gears shortly afterward, launching a magazine publishing company that produced four monthly consumer publications for the next 23 years.

Always an entrepreneur, Mike was the kid selling golf balls to golfers, and he created his first legitimate business at age 14. Mike has also owned businesses in retail and manufacturing, which has given him a firm grasp of commercial transactions, resales, and tax matters. He loves guiding people toward their goals, even more so in a red-hot seller’s market where buying a property is super competitive. Mike assists a diverse client base, including first-time buyers, retirees looking to move closer to their grandchildren, investors, commercial clients, and move-up buyers. Whether you’re on the buying or selling side of a transaction, you’ll appreciate having Mike’s expertise and guidance on your side.

Mike is a Southern California native who grew up just a few miles from Chino Hills. He has lived in the city since 1998, where he and his wife — also a local native — have raised two kids. She was a PTA and cheer mom; Mike often helped coach his son in T-ball, hockey, football, and wrestling. Mike has a black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, which he also credits for his strategic mind, discipline, and commitment. He’s also a bona fide dog lover and considers himself a “car guy.” Mike donates to various charities, particularly those that support childhood cancer research and care.

0:00 – Start
2:07 – Entrepreneurial beginnings
14:20 – Getting into magazine biz
25:10 – Debt and markets
33:20 – Jiu Jitsu Magazine
53:00 – How to make money in magazines
1:02:02 – Making connections
1:18:20 – So Cal Real Estate Market
1:27:26 – Jams
1:34:40 – Jiu Jitsuing in Chino

Quickly- I’m Scott Groves – Husband, Father, Loan Officer, Coach, Author, Podcaster, and Recent Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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