Welcome to another episode of Scott’s Thoughts! Today we’ll be talking about an AWESOME upcoming guest that we have booked, some follow-up conversation about Afghanistan, and my thoughts post-recall election in California.

1:03 – As many of you know I’m a HUGE Guns N’ Roses fan, and there is a great podcast out there called “The First 50 Gigs.” It can only be found on Patreon and I highly recommend listening to it, as I have. I also reached out to the creator who is often referred to as ‘The 6th Member of Guns N’ Roses’ and long story short, we’ll be talking to him on the Podcast shortly! Stay tuned!

6:30 – I wanted to talk a little bit about the ‘Pineapple Express’ group that was working in Afghanistan. It’s a group of ex-military members that banded together to create a special forces team in Afghanistan that worked ‘outside the wire’ to rescue people. The Atlantic has a fantastic story about the whole situation that many people may not know about. As of right now, we don’t know much. From what we do know right now, though, is that it seems like it might be setting a dangerous precedent for what the government is able to do without letting us know they’re actually doing it. I think the implications can be felt at home with our own laws and regulations sooner than later.

13:28 – Everybody pretty much has their mindset on what’s going on with the coronavirus situation, we’ve all read the numbers, and we are all concerned about what we’re going to be concerned about. You can be banned from one group and welcomed into others depending on your thoughts, and it just keeps progressing. I wanted to give another shout-out to The Atlantic for their great read about the numbers of Coronavirus, and regardless of their politics, I agree with what this article has to say. People don’t seem to care about the numbers anymore.

29:21 – My big rant of the night is of course about the recent Recall Election in California. My biggest issue is that the entire campaign was based on more of a National story instead of, you know, California. I think there’s a dangerous trend of local events becoming national events and the influence of the nation plays too much of a role in everything. Part of the magic of the United States is that there is probably a state that aligns with your politics, and ultimately you should probably live there. These days, it seems like everybody wants to spew their way of life, whether it be left or right, all over the nation without respecting where they are targeting. A prime example of this is the Texas Abortion Law, and I go into detail about my thoughts about that. In short, it’s Texas’s problem and Texans have a choice as to whether or not they want to embrace it.

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