A few months ago, I hired Songbird City to write a song for my wife as an anniversary gift. I thought it sounded like a cheezy idea, but after receiving several recommendations I went for it. The result was an unforgettable moment when I revealed the song and got probably the best reaction I’ve ever seen from a gift. Reaction video is in the podcast!

Founder of Songbird City Sarah Moseley joins us today to talk about her amazing company. The idea for Songbird City was created in November 2020 in Nashville, TN. Located in famous Music City where dreamers can be found on every corner. After a devastating year for the creative community here in Nashville, founder Sarah Moseley wanted to find a way to help her local music community and also provide an opportunity for songwriters to make additional money. As a local songwriter herself, she began to dream up the idea of a business that offered custom songwriting services from local Nashville artists and create a unique opportunity for customers wanting a custom song to experience the talent right here in Music City. By being a part of Songbird City you’re not just another customer you’re a part of a mission and we can’t wait to write personalized music for you.

We also have some Songbird City musicians with us to talk about their experience writing songs, and doing so quickly. There’s an art to writing songs on demand and our guests Kyle and Marci Pruzina are pros.

In Sarah’s words: Sarah is a Nashville-based pop singer/songwriter (JOVVI) that has become a pop sensation in the music industry. Creating a new and unique sound, Sarah continues to ignite a powerful voice into the pop world. She has been writing and singing for over 15 years and has released compelling singles that have been heard on numerous TV shows and promos. Sarah has been featured in Belmont University’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs list, as well as a guest speaker for the college entrepreneurship initiative. Sarah continues to be inspired by all of the talented artists and producers that she has been able to work with since her big move to Nashville and wanted to create a business that offered songwriting services so artists could do what they love and provide another layer of financial income. She is passionate about helping local songwriters thrive on every level. Originally from Oklahoma, she returned to the music city to continue pursuing her songwriting career full time. As a fellow songwriter, she believes in the giftings and talent that embodies all of the creatives here in Nashville and hopes Songbird City can continue to make an impact in Music City.

4:00 – Start
2:45 – Why custom songs?
5:35 – What is your background in music?
15:25 – What is the songwriting process?
25:00 – Why is all Christian Rock the same?
27:45 – How is writing music under a time crunch?
34:20 – How do you get new clients?
37:20 – How do you create custom songs?
45:15 – What is the bridge of a song?
48:00 – Best duets of all time?
50:20 – The music industry
59:20 – Different ways to monetize music
1:03:00 – Closing questions

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