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On The Edge Podcast. A weekly, edgy conversation at the intersection of business, politics, and economics. With an occasional drag queen. New Full Episodes are released every THURSDAY at 10:00am and clips are released frequently throughout the week.

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For 15 years Scott Groves has been providing quality mortgage products to his clients. By fostering close relationships with real-estate agents, buyers, and sellers- Scott has built a career out of providing exceptional service from application to closing. His business philosophy has always been a simple creed: Do the right thing for the client and serve our Realtor Community. Helping clients find mortgage solutions that meet their long-term financial needs is his primary focus.

While away from the office, Scott spends his free time training for his first Triathlon, hiking through the beautiful foothills of California with his son Gabriel and Dog Jack, or catching Hollywood’s newest release with his wife Karina. An avid reader and Audible.com junkie, Scott enjoys using his combination of book knowledge and business skills to give back to the community.

Scott has interesting conversations every day. It sometimes feels like the world would be a better place if they could listen in on some of these conversations, and that’s what the On The Edge Podcast is all about. Real conversations with real people, and honest opinions about their life experiences.

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