It’s time for Scott’s Thoughts!

2:06 – Let’s go over some of the current events that have at least interested me. First off I wanted to say that I think it’s cool that it seems Americans are on the rebound as US Household wealth has appeared to rise to record highs in the 2nd quarter of 2021. This doesn’t seem to be reported on much, as most of the news focuses on those that unfortunately have not experienced the wealth as much as others.

10:30 – I’ve been organizing my ‘desktop’ on the computer my entire life. I found an article about how Google has effectively killed the folders and organization in general because searching has become so common now. There’s a screenshot in the article you can’t miss showing a desktop that would literally kill me.

14:50 – Disney’s Flight of the Navigator is being remade by the Mandalorian Director Bryce Dallas Howard. All I really want to say about these Disney remakes is, I don’t understand why all of the movies from our childhood need to change the lead character to a strong female. I think it would be much cooler if the children of our generation have role models to follow in new and original stories. That way we can share some memories together about something new.

20:35 – I’ve been reading a lot of uncomfortable books that I’m probably not allowed to list in these notes, but one that’s gained my attention is called The Tragedy of the Commons. The idea is that if something is available for everyone, you should utilize as much of it as possible to better yourself, to a fault.

Our friend Jumane talked about this in a previous On The Edge episode that can be found here: 33:34 – Time to talk about Biden! I’m starting with the debt ceiling issue going around, and don’t get me wrong. I think the Republicans are completely hypocritical saying they’re the party of being conservative while they spend like drunken sailors. At least the Democrats admit to what they’re doing. And what they’re doing this week is attempting to restructure tax rates to include more Americans. They are even calling people that make over $600K “millionaires,” which, if you’ve passed 3rd grade math, you know is incorrect. I feel that if everything they want to pass this week does, this number will creep lower and lower. I think the corporate tax rate should be 0 dollars. As a corporation, you are already taxed quite a bit, from paying out employees, to product purchases, and other reasons. The current administration wants to raise corporate taxes by 7% but do you think these corporations are going to just take a 7% hit?

55:40– There is a proposal for the federal government to be able to audit mobile money transfer apps that have more than $600 in transfers per year. $600! This is pretty much anybody that uses these services. This is potentially huge for privacy laws here in the USA. If this actually passes, where does the evolution end up? With your actual bank account? Why not, right? Why does the government even need to know where I spend my money? Why do they care?

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