Why do ACCREDITED INVESTORS get access to investments that rest of us don’t have access to? WHAT is an accredited investor? Why do ACCREDITED INVESTORS make greater returns with LESS RISK. We’ve got the guy to answer those questions!!!

Frederick is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 25 years of success spanning financial services and technology. He is responsible for founding Creative Capital Wealth Management Group, growing the firm to 15 states, and building a unique retainer-based wealth management program. He also president of Retainer-based Academy LLC, a coaching and intellectual property firm.

Frederick is an innovative leader with a keen eye for unique solutions and vast knowledge in alternative wealth creation strategies. He received his Behavioral Financial AdvisorTM, BFATM for short, certification as of July 2018.

As a seasoned board member Frederick has held board positions with Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation, Rotary, Kiwanis, LGBT Equality Alliance, the Phoenixville Senior Center, Cornerstone for Hope, Phoenixville Area Community Services, and the West Chester School of Business Advisory Council. He is married to Elizabeth, has nine-year-old twins James and Abigail. His hobbies include technology, cigars, eagles’ football, and cars (mostly Tesla).

3:00 – Why do Ivy League Universities need to invest? The investments in colleges go toward their foundations and scholarship programs, and also the investments keep their accreditation status. There are only a few business that qualify to be in an upper tier of status, and many of these colleges sit in this category.

5:00 – WHAT is an ACCREDITED INVESTOR? For a person to be accredited, you need to have a certain amount of income or net worth to qualify. Once you qualify for accreditation, the world of investing really opens up to you. As Frederick explains, it’s like being in the same restaurant but you get a different menu when it comes to investing.

12:00 – What is retainer based planning? What does your company do that makes it unique from other investment companies?

17:00 – Scott clarify’s exactly what Fredericks company does and he puts it into simple terms. Learn about the advice they give to their clients, which help them invest their money properly while keeping their current investments in themselves active. Things like your business and 401K remain the same, but other income can be dispersed more effectively for passive investment.

25:00 – When you bring an accredited investor idea to a client, what exactly are you referring to? What are these investments and why haven’t most people heard of them yet? Who can access them?

46:45 – How does inflation play a role in investing these days? It seems everything is at an all time high, so how do you decide what to invest in? It’s hard to ‘buy low’ these days so where do you find your in? Frederick provides some examples on how the rich are investing their money to remain in the upper tier of society, and how they can infinitely increase their holdings based on making the right investments.

46:45 – Frederick further explains the benefits of being a AAA accredited investor, and what you can and can’t invest in UNLESS you’re in this group.

50:00 – Frederick explains the concept behind the (so far non-existent) “Debt Jubilee.”

1:00:00 – Frederick goes over some life stories that led him to the conclusion to always say Yes when provided with an opportunity.

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