Today we’re talking with Trey Kauffman, host of the Mosaic Life Podcast. His podcast is all about happiness and how to find your version of it in your life. I’m so excited to have this positive change of pace on our show and share it with all of you!

00:50 – What is the key to life and the secret to happiness? Trey outlines what his version of happiness means and what it means to you. Your version of happiness is not the same as everyone else, and that’s the first step to finding it.

5:10 – Trey talks about his journey about removing things from his life that do not serve him, starting with drinking. It wasn’t because he had a problem, but just something to try. As time went on, it snowballed into more and more self discovery and success and is really what put this project in motion.

10:00 – We discuss the pros and cons of being driven by ego. A book called ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ was part of the inspiration, and ego should not be ignored, but utilized.

16:10 – Do happy people watch the news? How do you remain informed without going insane with all of the crazy opinions and interpretations of current events?

19:50 – As Americans, it seems like we’ve moved away from the idea that we have a ‘higher purpose.’ Politics have split us and made us fearful of our neighbors more than ever, which is something we used to be able to control but we’ve forgotten that we as people CAN control this. When do you think the switch was made? How can we get along as human beings because, after all, we’re all more similar than we are different.

27:30 – What have you learned about the power of having one on one conversations?

29:57 – Have you gotten any cool or useful tips on how not to go sane in this new age of being alone a lot more often?

33:00 – What do you know about a ‘growth mindset?’

36:45 – Trey talks about the shift from listening to the radio to listening to podcasts. The radio, nor podcasts, were serving him. What are your takeaways from having your own podcasts?

44:50 – What is serving you well and what is not serving you well?

49:38 – How does minimization translate to creating happiness? We’re all home a lot more, and have less ‘going out’ distractions, do you have any advice for making that change? Check Trey’s Podcast out at, here on YouTube, and everywhere Podcasts are streamed

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