Today, We’re talking to John Mackey, who is an expert on Credit Reset, Credit Education, FICO Scoring, and Debt Collection. We have a fascinating conversation about the things consumers often miss about understanding their credit, myths about the power of a ‘consumer credit score,’ and other serious financial issues going on in the United States

4:00 – What does FICO mean? How does it affect me?

9:25 – What is wrong with America’s dependence on Credit Karma? In so many situations, most consumers think that their Credit Karma score will help them buy a car or a house. Unfortunately, the truth is that Credit Karma just provides a ‘consumer score’ which basically rates your ability to get another credit card. These credit scores have nothing to do with other, much larger loans.

14:50 – Did you know there are 43 Credit Bureaus? There’s even one for Medical Debt. Why are they collecting this information? How are they profiting off of it?

24:00 – Hove you ever heard the advice to just ignore the Debt Collector? We discuss why this is terrible advice, and what exactly is going on behind the scenes regarding your money, your debt, and your financial reputation. Scott discusses a story with debt collectors that he is dealing with as we speak!

36:30 – What are the major components that go into crafting a good credit score?

45:30 – Why do credit pulls have such an impact on your credit score? What’s the difference between a hard pull and a soft pull?

55:10 – Why does your credit score go down when you pay it off early

58:00 – How do poor people get ahead in todays banking climate? Is all hope lost or is there some kind of solution to make what money you DO have grow?

1:06:00 – There seem to be two thoughts on how to live live, either save up and live poor your whole life, or live well and hope for the best. Do you think one is better than the other? Which makes more sense when considering the world of credit?

1:18:00 – Do you think education in the credit world is up to par with what it needs to be? What can we do to shift the mentality of Americans when it comes to debt and credit? It seems that there is a generational gap between those that save and the current consumers.

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