This week we’ll be talking about this crazy inflation streak we’re on, the real impact of class action lawsuits, Kyle Rittenhouse, and some new protocol in hospitals for patient pronouns. Let’s get into it!

3:46 – Inflation is taking off right now and it’s impossible for anybody to ignore. Is our democratic system to blame? Is it the alleged 40% of all currency being printed in the last 18 months? Do we blame Coronavirus? Or Donald Trump, or Joe Biden? Who’s fault is it, how can we fix it, and where do we go from here?

15:00 – This “Pencil Speech” about the benefits of the free market should be required viewing for every human being in the USA.

33:15 – Why do things get more expensive? I believe that an underlooked part of it is unneeded regulation and frivolous class action lawsuits. Think about it, even if you do get to participate in a class action, it destroys a company resulting in higher prices for you, and for what payout? You and a bunch of people get a few bucks, the lawyers make millions, and the company could be crippled beyond the point of no return. Is it really worth it?

46:10 – I have some very brief thoughts about the Kyle Rittenhouse situation. Not a huge amount to say but I know some people have been waiting to hear my opinion.

50:20 – We’re going to discuss the DHR Pronoun Toolkit that has just been sent out to doctors and hospitals in California. I am 100% here for you and your identity, however you want to live is your life. It’s just, we’re in a time of a global pandemic with tons of medical emergencies going on. It just seems like a weird time to start having 85 different identities for hospital patients. Again I’m not against people using their preferred pronouns, but in a hospital setting, it just seems like there are higher priorities than catering to peoples feelings. Let’s go over the whole list together.

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