Joining us today is Miguel Jurado. Miguel owns a Crossfit Gym and is an expert in health and fitness. He joins us today to talk about some easy tricks and tips to have a healthier life, especially for those of us over 40.

1:25 – Miguel talks about his background in fitness and how it evolved over his life.

9:00 – What do you think the biggest offender is when it comes to unhealthy eating?

11:42 – What are 3 tips for avoiding food that’s not good for you when you’re eating out?

16:50 – When I’m at restaurants, I love to eat the chips and salsa, the free bread, the peanuts, etc. Do you have any tips on how to avoid the freebies that are generally not good for you?

19:02 – What does a 12 year fitness plan look like for your clients?

23:50 – Talking about the difference between a bodybuilders workout routines, vs an office worker, vs somebody who’s not in shape.

24:45 – How do you start improving quickly when you first start getting back into training?

30:50 – Everybody says that when you do Crossfit, eventurally you’re going to get hurt. What are some tips for not overdoing it with Crossfit workouts?

24:30 – In general, women in gyms seem to take direction much better than men do. What’s it like working out with your wife and making sure you both maintain your individual goals?

36:05 – Let’s talk about accountability. Did you see it as much when you were doing Zoom training? Is it higher when you work in person? What makes the ‘you-first’ lifestyle succeed when it comes to accountability?

39:30 – You need to earn everything you’re getting. A workout plan depends on you moving from step to step.

42:45 – Breaking old habits is the hardest part.

46:20 – It’s not going to be perfect. Life is never perfect. Find Miguel on Instagram – coachmiguel_j Find Miguel on Facebook – Weight Loss & Fitness Secrets

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