Today is PART TWO of our Podcast with Matt Hermann, who is a Radiologist, worked in the largest “walled” prison in the USA, rode his bike across the USA, and is currently getting ready to move to Puerto Rico. You might say he’s the most interesting man in the world. Let’s dig in!

00:10 – Hilary Clinton says that Crypto is going to replace the US dollar as the dominant currency, and while she was trying to be negative, I think she’s right. We discuss why disruption of currency and why decentralized currency is important for the future.

5:10 – Why do you think the fact that big banks can’t fail is wrong? Yeah, one or two may go down here and there, but as a whole, we still believe they can’t fail and trust them with our money. Why is that?

10:00 – Banks know that if you have upwards of 5 banking products within their bank, the chances of you leaving the bank are virtually zero. Wells Fargo even went as far as to open accounts for customers without them even knowing. Is this the banks admitting that their business model is at risk of failing?

15:00 – Environmentalism should be a bigger concern than it is. “Carbon Certificates” seem to work well with corporations and voters, but are they really good for the country?

22:30 – Tell us why you decided to ride your bike across the USA?

28:40 – What are some takeaways that you gained from biking across the nation?

31:00 – What did you listen to while riding?

33:30 – What did you learn about physicality during your ride? Was it all physical or was there a mental aspect as well?

40:20 – Why did you move to Puerto Rico? How did you convince your wife that it was a good idea?

50:30 – What’s your favorite movie, and why?

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