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Today we’re here with Kase Knockenhauer, a friend of mine from the GoBundance group I’m a part of. Kase started out as a realtor, became an investor, then flipped homes, and now has a company that flips about 60 houses a year. In fact, in his first year alone, he went from 0 deals to 40, so he has an aggressive sales plan that works well for him. What’s been going on with the current real estate market, and how has Kase been navigating the ever changing market?

In his own words: Kase Knochenhauer is a West Michigan investor, entrepreneur Marketing Specialist & Broker/Owner for Zion REI. He is 3 parts marketing freak, 2 parts tactical negotiator, 1 part investor and 1 part musician. He is fully human. Investor / Broker / Entrepreneur / Giver / Dreamer / Human

IG: @overlandinvestor

0:00 – Intro to Kase
5:00 – How he went from 0-14 deals in 1 year
9:00 – What gave you the confidence to suddenly push sales?
11:40 – The first flips
19:25 – Chat about the flip business
22:56 – What eats up the potential profits from a flip?
29:40 – What does vertical integration look like in your business?
43:40 – How do you balance 4 months off each year with thriving business?
49:20 – Why should a seller use you instead of flipping themselves?
56:00 – What are you looking forward to?