Ever wonder where your $7000 goes after a night of being a high-roller in a Las Vegas Nightclub?

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We’re welcoming back Crypto Expert and Vegas Local Jake Gallen to the Podcast! This week we’re going to discuss the very hush-hush world of the Las Vegas Strip Nightclub Industry. Next week, we’ll be providing an update on the Crypto Market but as for this week, join us for this FASCINATING chat about a world that typically goes undiscussed!

In Jakes Words – Jake Gallen is a born and raised Las Vegas native who has found himself as a member, creator, and founder of multiple projects, organizations, and businesses. Upon graduating from Chaparral High School, where he played Football and ran Track & Field, Jake attended UNLV where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. During his collegiate career Jake was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity where he held Executive Board positions for 3 years including Vice President, Treasurer, and Rush Chair.

0:00 – Introduction to Jake
1:00 – “Model” in the job description
6:00 – How much did you make?
9:00 – A $10K table is a $14K table
13:40 – Table Service is a “Show”
21:10 – Tip Compliance
25:10 – Industry nights at Night Clubs
31:40 – Women run the strip *
46:00 – Do women have more opportunity in Vegas?
50:00 – What’s over the line for getting kicked out of a club? *