Today we’re talking to Susan Goebel of Scaling Management Consulting Group Inc! We’re diving head first into business growth and specifically how to scale it. When do you NEED a COO? What is a COO? What comes after that? Join us today to get all of your growth questions answered!

Scaling Management Consulting Group Inc

Why you need to hire a COO and when to do it:
What is the role of a COO:
What is the role of a Director of Operations:

The difference between a COO, Operations Manager and Business Manager:
The 1 Thing Rocket Fuel doesn’t tell you about finding your Visionary/Integrator match:
Simple Monthly KPIs to Track:
A bonus welcome for your YOU with lesson’s on Quarterly Planning and the Cost of Mis-Hire and a few others:

0:00 – Introduction
1:48 – What’s happening in Susans world?
5:00 – Learning about generational shifts in business
11:00 – The crucial step when you hit $200k in business
19:00 – Did Scott plan his coaching company correctly?
24:40 – How do you know when you need a COO, scale business?
32:00 – Are we hitting the sweet spot?
35:00 – Who is the visionary, and who is the integrator?
44:00 – Nickel And Dimed to $1k – $5k’ed
53:00 – Fixing things that don’t work