This is part 2 of our fantastic interview about SCALING your SMALL BUSINESS!

Today we’re talking to Susan Goebel of Scaling Management Consulting Group Inc! We’re diving head first into business growth and specifically how to scale it. When do you NEED a COO? What is a COO? What comes after that? Join us today to get all of your growth questions answered!

Scaling Management Consulting Group Inc

Why you need to hire a COO and when to do it:
What is the role of a COO:
What is the role of a Director of Operations:

The difference between a COO, Operations Manager and Business Manager:
The 1 Thing Rocket Fuel doesn’t tell you about finding your Visionary/Integrator match:
Simple Monthly KPIs to Track:
A bonus welcome for your YOU with lesson’s on Quarterly Planning and the Cost of Mis-Hire and a few others:

00:00 – Tips for working with people in different generations?
10:00 – What do you charge your clients? What is your business model?
15:00 – How do you source employees (COO’s) for your business?
26:00 – What is your entry level tier for clients?
33:00 – How do you know you have an “A” Team?
36:35 – Is there a benefit to scaling during a recession?
43:30 – What does operating cash flow mean?
45:55 – How often do you have to check egos?
51:00 – Closing thoughts