Today we have Hector Santiesteban joining us to talk about the world of podcasting, growing a small business, and building a personal brand. I met Hector at a Front Row Dads Mastermind and knew immediately that he would be perfect for our show. Hector has been working on his passion of broadcasting since Middle School. In a twist of irony, we had an audio issue on this podcast about podcasts, but we fixed it as much as we can and like they say, the show must go on!

Podcasting Success Secrets
Amplify Media

0:00 – Start
2:00 – Journey of small business
7:12 – Evolution of podcasts
10:10 – Less people are podcasting
14:38 – Monetizing a podcast
20:48 – Podcasting as a relationship builder
24:21 – We did growth backwards
34:30 – What was your first business venture
37:30 – Forgetting to ask

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